Will Halo 5 be a win?

The latest version of Microsoft’s $4.6 billion video game franchise, “Halo 5: Guardians” launches around the world today. For industry insiders this is a particularly important release because it’s part of Microsoft’s most valuable game franchise. Plus it cost a reported $100 million to produce the game.

“Halo 5” is exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox console platform only which makes it a valuable weapon in Xbox’s battle with Sony’s PlayStation. Since the Xbox One is lagging against gaming system favorite PlayStation 4, “Halo” is considered a key offering and a way to help Microsoft recoup its investment in the gaming platform on a whole. The hope is this one game will make things right.

Gamers certainly came in full force at the midnight release events at stores around the world. Also popular was tuning in for the six-hour YouTube live-stream late Monday night as Microsoft hosted the lead up to the game going on sale in stores.

So far, reviews of the game have been positive. One key aspect that is getting a lot of buzz is the new 24-player mode. This means up to 24 people can play the game together at once.

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