A Virtual reality Happy Meal comes to McDonald’s in Sweden

In Sweden, McDonald’s is now featuring Happy Meals that include Happy Goggles, a virtual reality toy that works with the help mom or dad’s smartphone. Yep, Happy meals are going high-tech.

The newest take on the Happy Meal box can be folded into VR goggles. Happy Goggles are being introduced to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Happy Meals in Sweden, and to modernize the classic kids meal. Plus it’s a pretty cool thing for kids!

The company said that two child psychologists, Karl Eder and Fadi Lahdo, evaluated the goggles designed for children and provided recommendations for their use. Parents will “support” the kids while they explore the app using the glasses.

McDonald’s Sweden is the first McDonald’s to create and disperse the virtual reality tool. The company is also simultaneously launching a virtual reality ski game, that families can play using the goggles.

Happy Goggles will be available at select McDonald’s stores in March in Sweden.

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