Time Warner Cable, Charter expect deal closing in 2016

In an article from Reuters, it has noted that Charter Communications Inc., said its acquisition of Time Warner Cable Inc., which is awaiting clearance from U.S. regulators, is now expected to close in the first quarter 2016, and not by the end of 2015 as planned.

In this $56 billion deal which was announced back in May, is subject to intense regulatory scrutiny as the combined company would control a major part of the U.S. cable and Internet market. Although not a monopoly, it surely has many scrutinizing the move.

The deal has been approved by the shareholders of both companies and in most U.S. states, but is still awaiting clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) before it is considered “complete”.

Both the National Association of Broadcasters and Dish Network Corp have separately petitioned the FCC to reject the proposed merger. Dish has claimed it would be no better for public interest than Comcast’s proposed deal.

Do you agree with Dish? Is this just the same kind of deal but with different companies?

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