Malls so desperate they are charging to see Santa

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) — It’s a sad time for those in this area of New Jersey when it comes to seeing Santa. Children wanting to see Santa Claus this year at a southern New Jersey mall will now have to pay. That’s right, pay.


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that ( ) admission to the Cherry Hill Mall’s “Adventure to Santa” costs between $35 and $50. The packages come with photos or video of the visit it should be noted.

The move however has sparked anger from many parents, some of whom say the high price for this Christmas opportunity to see Santa pushes away low-income families and ruins holiday spirit. Many have wondered if it is a ploy to get people not only to the mall but then charge them for a Christmas tradition.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, which manages the mall, says that the exhibit is one of only 12 Adventure to Santa attractions in the country. The attraction was free last year.

The display features characters from the Shrek movies as well as a virtual sleigh ride, a concert performed by elves, and various games as well as a chance to see Santa. However, many are shouting “Grinch” like holiday spirit and saying that this is just one way the dying retail industry and brick and mortar malls are trying to make a buck.


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