LinkedIn makes changes

This week, LinkedIn launched a new version of its flagship mobile app. The move came as LinkedIn moves to make professional networking more seamless and intuitive for it’s users. The app will replaced an older version that closely resembled its desktop functionality but got poor feedback from users.

This newly revamped version, which includes five core areas and it took developers several months to finish.

“It’s our fastest most responsive app, particularly with regards to search,” Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO told CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” on Thursday in an interview. “It’s certainly the most personalized and relevant application we’ve launched to date” Weiner also added.

The apps internal search engine is four times faster than before thus allowing users to generate results for phrases before they finish typing. The new interface looks to make interaction more organic for users. It’s been upgraded with tailored content and promises easier communication for users of the app.

“We wanted to reimagine the app,” Weiner added. He also noted that it was developed by “one team, with one shared vision.”

LinkedIn also swapped its old email feature for a text-messaging system to be easier to use. The developers designed the other sections: my network, home, and me, in a way that facilitates internal navigation, networking, and are in-turn more user-friendly.

LinkedIn has created new departments within the company for journalists to curate original content that informs professionals and better prepare members in their field.

“I think that companies that generate the most value over time are those that remain true to their long-term vision,” Weiner said.

“We want to continue to invest so we can realize the full potential of the platform,” he also added.

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