It gets worse for Volkswagon: 8.5 million vehicles in Europe recalled

Things just got a little worse for Volkswagon. As we noted earlier in the week, there were problems because of the scandal over rigged emissions test in parts of Europe. Now Volkswagen has said it would recall approximately 8.5 million diesel-engine cars in the European Union (EU) after Germany requested servicing of the vehicles following a scandal over rigged emissions tests.

Volkswagon said on Thursday that it would need to be determined still if any cars, outside the 28-nation EU which classes of engine EA 189 were affected.

The latest engine generation EA 288 is not affected, it said.

Germany’s KBA automotive watchdog, acting as the lead regulator for national agencies across the EU, ordered Volkswagen to recall and refit all 2.4 million diesel vehicles in its home market next year also.

It has been report on many major news sources that this scandal could cost Volkswagen as much as 35 billion euros ($40 billion) to cover vehicle refits, regulatory fines and lawsuits.

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