Inflation is the reason those cookies will cost more

If you are not a believer that there’s inflation going on, you should look no further than the Girl Scouts.

After many years of holding prices steady for their popular cookies, more Girl Scout councils are boosting cookie prices to $5 a box from the original $4 a box.

The Girl Scouts organization is divided into 112 local councils and each one sets their own cookie pricing based on factors that include ingredients, market size and availability, and shipping costs. This has resulted in some prices fluctuatations by region and year. So depending on where you live, you could see your cookies cost a little more.

Another thing to consider is that by rounding to $5 it’s easier for girls to sell the cookies without keeping track of loose change. Plus the 25 percent jump means that councils can head off future increases for a longer time. Which is good news to growing troops and girls selling cookies.

It should be noted that Girl Scouts in high cost-of-living areas such as California and Hawaii were already offering $5 cookies.

Ever wondered where your money goes?

About 70 percent of proceeds go to the councils and the individual troops while the remainder goes to the baker. While the 25 percent hike might seem steep, it is actually smaller than overall cookie inflation. Since 2004, cookies prices have jumped 32 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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