Flint, Michigan water crisis spurs GoFundMe page

It’s no joke when you talk about the water supply in Flint, Michigan. Currently, it is so contaminated with lead that it can been seen spewing out of faucets in unnatural shades of yellow and brown. Sadly, blood tests of many of the resident including children shows increased levels of poisonous lead in nearly everyone living there.
In fact it it’s so bad the city’s 100,000 residents have to live off bottled water. However because the area is depressed, not everyone can afford it.

That’s why people in Flint have launched GoFundMe campaigns to buy bottled water for people with limited resources. It’s certainly a crisis and with the cost of bottled water, not an easy one for every citizen to remedy.
Marseille Allen’s GoFundMe campaign has a goal of $2,000 and had already raised more than that by Monday morning. Currently as on Noon (CST) the total was $3821 and climbing.

Much attention is being given to the crisis and even Cher has gotten involved. Cher teamed with Icelandic Glacial to donate over 181,000 bottles of water. Most of the bottled water donated to Flint is delivered to distribution centers, but Allen is worried about people who can’t get to these locations. There are also programs to help the elderly, that cannot get to distribution centers get delivery.
President Obama declared a national state of emergency in Flint on Saturday and the National Guard has been deployed to deliver clean water to residents. He hopes that this will help remedy the problem faster but residents like Allen want to make sure that they are prepared for the long haul.
According to the 2010 U.S. census, Flint’s population is 56.6% African American and the median household income is less than $25,000. More than 41% of the population is below the poverty level.

Although water filters can help, basic filters start at about $12 and a pack of three filter replacements costs about $20. So for a family of 4 or more this could be an added cost that’s just not doable. Residents should also know the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has started giving away a free water filter to clients.The city’s water supply was contaminated with toxic levels of lead, when its source was changed from Lake Huron to the Flint River.
The decision to change the source was made two years ago by the state in an effort to save money. Michigan was in control of the city’s budget because of a financial emergency.

After the change, residents complained about the taste, look and smell of the water.
State officials repeatedly told concerned residents there was nothing to worry about, but in August 2015 researchers found high levels of lead in the drinking water.

Now residents, businesses and even hospitals are struggling with basic tasks such as preparing food and washing hands. The water can’t be given to pets either so there are multiple ways that this crisis is impacting the City of Flint.


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