Facebook looks to make shopping easier

Facebook has taken another step toward its goal of making it easier for brands who use their network to reach consumers and drive sales on mobile devices. The number of people accessing the site via mobile devices is continuing to increase.

Facebook has already tested a “buy now” button in articles in the news feed but to take it to the next level Facebook is testing a “shop” section as an additional tab, along with news feed, pages and groups.

By gathering together products listed in the shop sections of various Facebook pages of brands, this tab is designed to be “a single place for people to more easily discover, share and purchase products,” according to a company blog post this past Monday.

In that post, the company also said it’s responding to “consumer demand”, citing a survey that suggests that nearly half of people come to Facebook to actively look for products to buy. This should connect the shoppers need with ease of purchase, or at least that’s what they are banking on.

It will start with items that pages are selling and allow users to buy right there by passing clicking to a company’s website.

Facebook then plans to explore adding products that people are selling to each other, creating an opportunity like eBay has for selling goods.

It says it is exploring this idea in response to the growing popularity of “for sale” groups on Facebook.

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