Apple looses millions of users of Apple Music

Apple Music has convinced nearly 6.5 million users to pay for their Apple Music service, Apple CEO Tim Cook said late Monday.

However the numbers, of paying subscribers are just a small slice of the users who originally agreed to try out the service back in June on a trial base. So what does this tell us? Clearly, millions weren’t sold by the time the first wave of three-month trials ended in late September.

That’s not to say that Apple doesn’t have people interested. It now has 15 million total users of the service Cook said in an interview but only 6.5 million are paying users and the rest are with the “trial” period.  In comparison Spotify, who has been in business since 2008, has 20 million paying subscribers.

If you remember, Apple Music launched in late June as a $9.99 monthly service offering unlimited access to the world’s music in an effort to compete with companies like Spotify and Rdio.

It’s still too early to tell but it appears that Apple could slowly grow this off-shoot of their brand despite the loss of millions after the end of the first trial period.

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